7 Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Agent when Buying New Construction

Buying New Construction in Williamson County TN

There is new construction in Franklin, TN, Brentwood, TN, Thompsons Station, TN , Spring Hill, TN and Nolensville, TN.

The greater Nashville area is in a Seller’s Market. That means that the available inventory is selling quickly. There are usually several offers on each house. It makes for a challenging shopping environment for a buyer who needs a house. New construction can provide a good option for people who want to control their time line and still get a house they like. The wait can be up to 8, 9, even 10 months for the final product, but for some, this is the way to go to get a house in Franklin or Spring Hill.

Let’s take a look at New Construction in Franklin, TN. I will post information about some neighborhoods, but let’s start with how Misty, my business partner, and I can help you in your new construction considerations.  We have both built new houses ourselves and are grateful to help folks through the process.

In Williamson County, TN, including Franklin, Brentwood, Thompsons Station, Spring Hill and Nolensville, Tennessee, most of the neighborhoods in the area at this time are being built by large builders. There are smaller builders and custom builders as well and these principles generally apply to them as well.   We are going to discuss local conditions, but this is generally true in most markets. These large builders often have an on-site agent and that agent is easy to stop by and visit with.

That agent’s job is to represent the seller, the builder, and sell houses. Certainly they want to hear the needs of the buyer and to try to get them into a product that will meet their needs. However, make no mistake, their loyalty and fiduciary obligation are to the builder and they are working on their behalf.

Why should you, the buyer, have your own representation when buying new construction?

  1. Your agent would represent you, the buyer. They would have the obligation to work on your behalf in the transaction.
  1. Your agent will know and understand your needs and can ask good questions of the builder’s agent to make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. New construction is a shiny, pretty thing with lots of moving parts. And an agent can help you make sure you understand what is offered and if you want what you are buying.
  1. Your agent can discuss pros and cons of lot placement as it relates to personal enjoyment, general water drainage and resale. For my own recent purchase, I purchased a home where the back deck faces west and will be hot in the summer. I gladly accepted the consequence to get more winter sun, but not everyone realizes the varied considerations and potential consequences.
  1. Financing with a new homebuilder will usually be different from the process on a resale. Because of the time period it takes to build the house, there will need to be discussion about rate locks and which lender is really giving you the best deal. And there are some factors in the closing costs that are different as well.
  1. An agent can help you understand the contract. They are not attorneys, but an experienced agent will understand the contract enough to ask questions of the builder’s agent and to point out key policies that could come into place if there is a disagreement down the road.
  1. Agents who work in new construction will be familiar with the new construction in an area. While you may know you want new construction, have you found all the opportunities in your price range? Not all options are listed in the multiple listing service.
  1. Your agent will be able to help you walk through the building process and helping you identify what is normal in the process and what be out of place and need attention from the builder. They can also help with selections of the décor and home inspectors.

Have you built a house before? Are you aware of all the moving parts in this process. People do it every day and it is not difficult, but it can be confusing. Having your own agent can help the process move along more smoothly for you. They can also incorporate your other home sale into the timing and overall plan. And the builder pays the agent – that is good news! Get a new construction expert to help you buy your next home.

Contact Monica Neubauer and Misty Woodford for more information.

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Monica Neubauer featured in The Tennessean

I was privileged to be featured in the Tennessean Newspaper about a month or so ago.  You can read my opinion on a few things here.  I don’t lack for thoughts on issues and was glad to share them.  The writers at the Tennessean call me on occasion to have a little chat.  One never knows what may actually turn up in the article, but they are curious people and I like talking with curious people.

Here is the article where I was the Spotlighted Realtor. 

Here is another article about new construction and getting a good deal.  My point in the discussion is that a “good deal” isn’t always getting a crazy low price.  A good deal is getting a house you like in an area that is convenient for the commute and where the family has their needs met in friendship, schools and shopping.  That is a good deal.

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Franklin TN PumpkinFest


Elsa, Anna and Olaf meet Cinderella and Prince Charming

In the fall of the year, when the princesses and ghouls come out to play, Franklin, TN has an event called the PumpkinFest. It is one of those delightful times when Main Street is closed, vendors sell their grilled food and expensive beer, and the people come out to show off their costumes – or more often their kids costumes – to the world and see friends.


My daughter is a princess. Really. I know, that makes me the Queen, and I don’t complain. She does princess parties for children. And luaus, and she is a style queen, and a beauty queen, etc. She also has a big heart. She and her then boyfriend came out for the PumpkinFest as Cinderella and Prince Charming. They posed with children all day to help raise money for a family to adopt a child. Children love to pose with their favorite princesses. www.TheFranklinPrincess.com


Even Elsa, Anna and Olaf like to pose with Cinderella. If you are in Franklin on October 27, 2015 you should come on down and enjoy the fun. There are lots of events for the kids. Other activities include a Friday night special of South Food and Brews, a chili cook-off, arts and crafts offered for sale, and a costume contest.


Franklin, TN is a beautiful place to visit in the Fall. See you there! Go to http://historicfranklin.com/pumpkinfest/ for more information.

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CMA Fest in Nashville, TN – a local’s perspective

Parmalee at the CMA Fest 2015

Welcome to Nashville’s CMA Fest at the Riverfront Stage. Parmalee is the bank.

Imagine thousands of sweaty bodies, hundreds of pairs of cowboy boots, and dozens of bands singing country music to the masses. We certainly have a smaller variation of that going on regularly in downtown Nashville, but for a week in June, downtown belongs to the fans of country music. They come from around the country and the world to see their favorite bands sing and to possibly meet them and get an autograph.


This is one of those events where so many people come from out of town, that the locals tend to stay away. And while I don’t want to go every year, a visit once in a while does a body good. There are times when it is a blast to venture out into the crowds, hear some excellent live music, people watch and get a tan. This year we ventured out for some daytime tunes which are mostly free. There are bands playing all over downtown for free. Some of them are well known bands. One guy was a regionally well known guy in Georgia. Lots of folks sang right along with him. I had never heard of him. The really famous bands and singers play the evening shows at Nissan Stadium. And those are a treat as well. We went one year to the evening show and had the best time watching the summer sunset enjoying some of our favorite country singers.


So, if you are inclined to come to Nashville in early June, check out the www.CMAFest.com and add it to your list. When you get tired of the crowds, get in your car and drive down to Franklin, TN and enjoy a little space, some good food, and some civil war history.


CMA Fest at the Riverfront Stage

Boating down the Cumberland River for the CMA Fest. Craig Morgan would call it a Redneck Yacht Club.

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Williamson County Real Estate Statistics June 2015


The REALTOR Logo represents an agent who is committed to following a Code of Ethics in serving the public and their clients

Well, June of 2015 was one of the busiest months ever in Williamson County.  Lots of sales.  We are getting lots of new neighbors.  Williamson County continues to be a popular place to live.

“You cannot overstate the value of a REALTOR® in these conditions. Sellers are juggling multiple offers and buyers are striving to find homes before they hit the market. REALTORS® are the all-stars of this market, helping buyers move in and sellers move up.”

There is a lot to coordinate with the busy market and the challenges that come with it.

We are seeing a resurgence of new construction in the area as well as resales selling. I think I mentioned in my last blog that I am buying new construction.  This new construction has helped with the inventory shortages we have seen in the resales.  Ask your REALTOR, or call me if you don’t have one, to show you new construction neighbors.  An experienced agent can bring a lot of value in new home construction purchases.  There are many things to consider in new construction that a REALTOR can help you with.

You can see the statistics for yourself at the Williamson County Association of REALTORS website. You can see the MidYear Statistics Here.


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Williamson County Real Estate Market Statistics May 2015

Spring 2015 has been kind of busy in Nashville and Franklin this year. There have been more buyers than there have been sellers this year. So many of the house offerings have had multiple offers on them and many buyers and their agents have had a tough journey in their search for a house. There are houses all over town with contracts and closings though, so there are many people making the offerings and buying house, even if the journey had some twists in it. We have been seeing increases in the amount of new construction being built.  Lots of new houses are being built in Williamson County.  In Nashville, we are seeing continued tear downs of old houses to build more and larger homes on the lots.  Nashville continues to be touted as a great place to live, and I just have to agree. I took a look around myself to see if I wanted to live someplace else and decided to keep the feet rooted right here in Franklin. We decided we can visit lots of other places and live here near our friends and family.

The statistical data show what a bust out month it was in Williamson County. Click here to see the data from the Williamson County Association of REALTORS.

Click here to see the local data from the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS.

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Williamson County Market Statistics January 2015

The market continues to shift.  These days, due to Nashville and the surrounding areas being looked at as the “IT” city, more businesses and individual families are moving here. One of the articles that continues to contribute to the Nashville area buzz is in the Wall Street Journal.  These favorite places cause many to want to stay for a longer period of time. This is creating a great demand for houses.  Median prices are up.  However, people like living here, so inventory is still a bit low.  New houses are coming on the market everyday though.  Buyers need to be proactive to get the house they like in this market.  Be completely up to day with your financing.  Do you have your lender in place?  Are you aware of what you can qualify for and what flexibility you have in pricing?  The buyers who are most prepared are able to act quickly to purchase the home they like.

Let’s look at some statistics.  For Williamson County, click on the Month to see the corresponding data.
October 2014
November 2014
December 2014

For the Davidson County Statistics, click here.  The median house prices are up all over the Mid-State area.


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Walking in Franklin TN in the Winter

Welcome to the blue skies of a clear winter day in Franklin TN

Welcome to the blue skies of a clear winter day in Franklin TN

I have a friend who has committed to walking everyday.  He is doing a great job of it and has lost some weight.  He lives on a farm and shares pictures of the animals and barns as he goes out.  Some days, though, it is downright cold here.  It is not as snowy as the northern USA, but it can be chilly.  So, kudos to him.  I only go out to walk in the winter when the sun is shining or I need to get the mail.  I had a great walk recently that I wanted to share about.  We have some great parks for walking in that I have enjoyed at various times in my life.  Pinkerton Park has a great walking trail.  Winstead Park is one of the best kept secrets in Franklin.  Hardly anyone walks there.  The trail does have a bit up and down to it.  It is on the southwest part of Franklin near the Target.  The park I want to mention today is the Aspen Grove Park in Cool Springs.  It is at the corner of Aspen Grove and Seaboard.  My office is right there too.  I went out for a lunch time walk recently and stumbled upon a trail that went through the park. It was a delightful trail.  Trees, water, open space right in the middle of Cool Springs.  If you need a walk during the workday, head over.  Others have discovered it before me and the sunny day I walked there brought out many folks having lunch and getting some exercise.  The photo I have posted here is the beauty I found on a winter day in Aspen Grove Park.

If you need a guide to where the parks are in Franklin, here is a link, http://www.franklinis.com/franklins-fabulous-parks.  They all have their own personalities.  The Park at Harlinsdale has a dog park.  Pinkerton Park has great kid playsets.  The Del Rio Park has a skate park.  Jim Warren has ball fields, tennis courts and a walking trail.  Williamson County Rec Center has a trail that connects to a longer one that goes behind Franklin High School.  Happy Trails!

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Historic Sites in Franklin TN

The McGavock's Franklin Mansion was called the Carnton Plantation

The McGavock’s Franklin Mansion was called the Carnton Plantation

One of the many things Franklin has to offer is the terrific history from the Civil War. In fact many tourists come here to see the historic sites and then are delighted to have landed in such a cute town. The city of Franklin has been diligent to protect the Civil War history in Franklin.

The Battle of Franklin took place on November 30, 1864. It was among the bloodiest of the Civil War Battles. The city is gearing up for the 150 year anniversary in 2014. There are preservationists that are raising money to try to buy more battlefield land from the commercial sites that currently stand there. There have been 3 new parks added in recent years. Here is a nice summary of the battle and the ongoing efforts for preservation.

The main sites for Civil War buffs or general historians are the Carnton Mansion off Lewisburg Pike. There is a park near it – the Eastern Flank Battle Park. It is currently being renovated from the old status of golf course. Beside the Carnton mansion is the Confederate Cemetary. It is really a neat experience to go there. The book, Widow of the South, by Robert Hicks, details the journey of Carrie McGavock who tried to identify and memorialize the men who died in the Battle. You can read more at Robert’s site, www.WidowoftheSouth.com.

The Carter House and the Lotz House are across the street from each other on Columbia Pike. The Carter house has bullets in it from the day of the battle. One of the family members in the house died in the battle. It is an excellent tour. I took it several times in my elementary field trip days. (Smiley face goes here.) The Lotz House is across the street and a compliment to the Carter House. The house stood at the time of battle and the Lotz family weathered the battle in the basement of the Carter House. Today it is a historical replica of the time. There is even a set of candlestick sconces there that my dad donated that came from his mother’s estate. Www.LotzHouse.com. www.Carnton.org features information about the Carter House and the Carnton Mansion.

My friend has just opened a new Inn in her historic family home. www.FranklinBattlefieldInn.com. You can find the historical influence all through the town. Historic churches and the old courthouse. Many of the houses along 3rd Avenue and West Main date back the 1800’s and early 1900’s. They have signs in the front yard with the dates. If you happen to be here when we have the homes tours, you can see inside of some of the homes. Come and take in the history of a thriving southern town.

This home in Downtown Franklin was in the direct path of the Battle of Franklin.  A member of the family fought in that battle.

This home in Downtown Franklin was in the direct path of the Battle of Franklin. A member of the family fought in that battle.


This is the cemetery where Carrie McGavock worked so hard to identify and label soldiers graves.

This is the cemetery where Carrie McGavock worked so hard to identify and label soldiers graves.


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What is fun at the Williamson County Fair? Everything!

Welcome to the Midway at night!  The Williamson County Fair in Franklin TN has fun for all ages!

Welcome to the Midway at night! The Williamson County Fair in Franklin TN has fun for all ages!

When I say the words, “county fair”, what do you think of? Do you have memories of going to the state fair or a county fair in your town?  Do you have memories of reading books about the whole community participating in the county fair?  What images come to mind? Quilts, cotton candy, live music, the Ferris Wheel, or maybe a petting zoo. All of these things are part of the fun I have experienced at the Williamson County Fair in August at the Ag Center on Long Lane. They started it up again about 8 years ago. I can’t remember exactly when, but not too long ago.

Some of my fun memories of the fair include the year we went after we bought our new camera and wanted to capture the sights and colors of the fair. My husband probably took the picture you see featured here. He is the visual creative of this duo. I took some too, but the best ones inevitably turn out to be his. We waited for dark and experimented with our settings and tried to capture cool views. The next year I entered some photos I had taken into the Photography competition. Two of my photos received second place in their categories. That was fun – to improve my skill and enter it into competition and exhibition. I do enjoy the art, photography and the quilts that are on exhibition.

I also enjoy the live music. Because this is Nashville, it is always good. The fair has several stages going at the same time, so if you don’t like what you hear at one stage, move along and you will find some more not far off. The food selections are what you expect at a fair. No disappointment there. The fair has not moved to healthy, organic food. They still serve cotton candy, ice cream, real lemonade and turkey legs. And of course, funnel cakes!

There are lots of competitions – food, art, music, beauty pageants, and animal displays. I love that it still celebrates the craft skills that seem to becoming a rarity in our nation. My daughter has done the pageant 2 or 3 times. She was first runner up one year. It is a simple and inexpensive pageant for those who want to do one, but don’t want to get into the serious competitive part of the industry. They start from the very young up to age 20.

And let us not forget the Midway. Riding the rides is a highlight of any fair-going experience. Especially for the teens. You can pay per ride, or buy a wristband to ride for the whole day.

For more information, check out the Williamson County Fair website. They have all the applications and schedules. The dates for 2013 are August 2-10.

I’ll be going! Maybe I will see you there!



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