Walking in Franklin TN in the Winter

Welcome to the blue skies of a clear winter day in Franklin TN
Welcome to the blue skies of a clear winter day in Franklin TN

I have a friend who has committed to walking everyday.  He is doing a great job of it and has lost some weight.  He lives on a farm and shares pictures of the animals and barns as he goes out.  Some days, though, it is downright cold here.  It is not as snowy as the northern USA, but it can be chilly.  So, kudos to him.  I only go out to walk in the winter when the sun is shining or I need to get the mail.  I had a great walk recently that I wanted to share about.  We have some great parks for walking in that I have enjoyed at various times in my life.  Pinkerton Park has a great walking trail.  Winstead Park is one of the best kept secrets in Franklin.  Hardly anyone walks there.  The trail does have a bit up and down to it.  It is on the southwest part of Franklin near the Target.  The park I want to mention today is the Aspen Grove Park in Cool Springs.  It is at the corner of Aspen Grove and Seaboard.  My office is right there too.  I went out for a lunch time walk recently and stumbled upon a trail that went through the park. It was a delightful trail.  Trees, water, open space right in the middle of Cool Springs.  If you need a walk during the workday, head over.  Others have discovered it before me and the sunny day I walked there brought out many folks having lunch and getting some exercise.  The photo I have posted here is the beauty I found on a winter day in Aspen Grove Park.

If you need a guide to where the parks are in Franklin, here is a link, http://www.franklinis.com/franklins-fabulous-parks.  They all have their own personalities.  The Park at Harlinsdale has a dog park.  Pinkerton Park has great kid playsets.  The Del Rio Park has a skate park.  Jim Warren has ball fields, tennis courts and a walking trail.  Williamson County Rec Center has a trail that connects to a longer one that goes behind Franklin High School.  Happy Trails!


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