New Microbrewery in Franklin TN

Microbrewery in Franklin TNYesterday, my friend asks my husband to meet him at a place called Turtle Anarchy. What? Where is that? They called me to join them about 8:30 and my husband was having a great time and going on about how close to our house this new Microbrewery is. The area he is talking about is an industrial park! I was more than a little surprised to find a Microbrewery and restaurant (a wrong inital assumption on my part) in that part of town. But the reality is that it is in walking distance to two very large neighborhoods, Polk Place and Sullivan Farms. As I am walking in, I hold the door open for a gal bringing in her own food. Strange. Not what I expected. Coming in to the bar, I instantly enjoyed the open warehouse feel and space. It is not a restaurant. It is the brewery with a taproom open on the weekends and tables for folks to enjoy the brews. And they don’t serve food. It is a “Bring your own Food” bar. They don’t want to compete with the many local restaurants that serve their beer. The setup is similar to the Yazoo Brewery in the Gulch in Nashville. The hours at this time for the Turtle Anarchy Taproom are Thurs and Friday from 5-10 pm and Saturday from 4-10 pm.

There are lots of great restaurants in the area to grab some food and head over for some great beer. My husband, being the beer expert, commended their beers as excellent. I did enjoy the one I had with the citrus flavoring in it. I am generally a beer wimp and did put in my request for a pilsner or pale(r) ale. They don’t have those at this time, but here’s hoping. 🙂 They have many beers to choose from so if you have a broad taste, you should get the sampler and enjoy some wonderful beers.

As I said, the atmosphere is open. All the folks there when I was there seemed to be really enjoying the large picnic table seating – great for conversation. It is a comfortable place to be. I am excited for this new Brewery in town and hope you can check it out if you like quality beers. is their website, and most of the updated news is on the blog portion.  There you can see the restaurants that are serving their beer – in case you want it at other times during the week, or with food.  Or if you don’t live down the street from the Taproom.

Microbrewery in Franklin TN


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