Monica Neubauer featured in The Tennessean

I was privileged to be featured in the Tennessean Newspaper about a month or so ago.  You can read my opinion on a few things here.  I don’t lack for thoughts on issues and was glad to share them.  The writers at the Tennessean call me on occasion to have a little chat.  One never knows what may actually turn up in the article, but they are curious people and I like talking with curious people.

Here is the article where I was the Spotlighted Realtor. 

Here is another article about new construction and getting a good deal.  My point in the discussion is that a “good deal” isn’t always getting a crazy low price.  A good deal is getting a house you like in an area that is convenient for the commute and where the family has their needs met in friendship, schools and shopping.  That is a good deal.


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