Rainy Day Activities in Franklin and Nashville TN

It is another rainy day in Franklin, TN.  And in Nashville, and Brentwood, and Columbia.  What to do when it rains so much?  We are all very tired of the excessive rain this year and have had some flooding.  It is March and we are used to having some delightful weather by now.  I am determined to keep my attitude strong and find something good and interesting to do in the rain.  Here are my tips for living in the rainy season in the Nashville area.


  1. Keep some of your Christmas lights up after Christmas. We have some art lights and some trees that have lights and we enjoy them until the sun in a powerful presence again.
  2. What is going on that you can do inside? There are usually events that you can look into that are around town on a weekend. Some I have enjoyed this year are the Nashville RV show, and the Southern Women’s Show, which is this weekend.  The Lawn and Garden Show was last weekend and the Home show is next weekend!  I enjoy seeing what is available and watching people have a good time enjoying beautiful things and creative ideas.  These are pretty affordable – well, the entrance fees are.  Parking is often extra.
  3. Since I visited the Southern Women’s Show this week, during the week, when I needed to go do something then, I am now thinking about what to do this weekend. I don’t need to go out all the time, but it is that stir-crazy time of year when you want to be outside.  I am looking at some other great options, like a day pass at Lifetime Fitness, or lunch in a trendy East Nashville restaurant and a visit to the
    Bleu 32 for Antiques and Food in Columbia TN
    The Mill Storehouse booth at the Southern Women’s Show. 2019

    in Nashville.  They have a rotating art collection, so there is always something new.  The indoor play areas are great if you have kids, though some of them can be stressful for adults.  Maybe introducing the kids to art at the Frist would be more relaxing. And they do have a children’s drawing area upstairs.  Maybe a visit to the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home, would be fun.  We have an excellent Children’s Museum in Nashville as well.

  4. We have great shopping.  Whether you like the malls, for ongoing indoor comfort, and we have 3 of those, or other kinds of stores, Nashville has some great places to shop.  You can go antique shopping in most towns – Nashville, Franklin and Columbia, TN all have great antique type stores.  We had a great time in Columbia shopping in their downtown area a few weeks ago.  Do you like small local stores?  Check out downtown Franklin, the Factory in Franklin and the 12 South area in Nashville.  When I was in New York recently, my friend and I stumbled on a part of town with lots of thrift stores and it was great fun shopping on the cheap.  If that is your thing, we have many thrift stores in Franklin and there are a few great consignment stores in South Nashville, The Flip and Designer Renaissance in Berry Hill.


I hope you find something fun and affordable to do in the rain.  Gratefully there are lots of good options.  Maybe staying home and finishing a book is the best way to spend your day.  Or enjoying some time cooking a nice meal.  I hope you enjoy however you decide to spend it.


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