2010 Census results are in and, Guess What!, We Grew!!

Franklin TN has been growing ever since I can remember and that goes back a way, to 1972 when we moved here. I guess the growth was slower in the 80’s. During my years in school, we only added 2 high schools – Page and Brentwood. Since then, there are now 8 with a plan for an 9th. From 4 high schools in the early 80’s to 8 in 2011.  I would say that that looks like 1/ decade, but I have seen Ravenwood, Independence and Summit sprout up really quickly.  So, these last 10 years have seen some serious growth – in people, in houses, and in jobs.  We have great shopping and a thriving tourism destination. 

Franklin can be congratulated on successfully managing the growth.  And no, everything is not perfect, but there is a lot that has been done right, by the government of the city and the county and from helpful citizens, and the Historic Foundation. We have so much to be thankful for in our, not-so-small, town of Franklin. 

Some more links on the growth:

The Tennessean article

The Census Press Release about Tennessee

The Census.gov website has not yet updated all the city sites.  Watch for that over the next year, I guess.  I have been researching some things lately, and Census.gov has some interesting information on it. 

Have a great day!

Franklin TN
Downtown Franklin TN is a hub for lots of growth in Williamson County TN

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