CMA Fest in Nashville, TN – a local’s perspective

Parmalee at the CMA Fest 2015

Welcome to Nashville’s CMA Fest at the Riverfront Stage. Parmalee is the bank.

Imagine thousands of sweaty bodies, hundreds of pairs of cowboy boots, and dozens of bands singing country music to the masses. We certainly have a smaller variation of that going on regularly in downtown Nashville, but for a week in June, downtown belongs to the fans of country music. They come from around the country and the world to see their favorite bands sing and to possibly meet them and get an autograph.


This is one of those events where so many people come from out of town, that the locals tend to stay away. And while I don’t want to go every year, a visit once in a while does a body good. There are times when it is a blast to venture out into the crowds, hear some excellent live music, people watch and get a tan. This year we ventured out for some daytime tunes which are mostly free. There are bands playing all over downtown for free. Some of them are well known bands. One guy was a regionally well known guy in Georgia. Lots of folks sang right along with him. I had never heard of him. The really famous bands and singers play the evening shows at Nissan Stadium. And those are a treat as well. We went one year to the evening show and had the best time watching the summer sunset enjoying some of our favorite country singers.


So, if you are inclined to come to Nashville in early June, check out the and add it to your list. When you get tired of the crowds, get in your car and drive down to Franklin, TN and enjoy a little space, some good food, and some civil war history.


CMA Fest at the Riverfront Stage

Boating down the Cumberland River for the CMA Fest. Craig Morgan would call it a Redneck Yacht Club.

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