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Celebration Dinner after a Great Day

Restaurant meal at home in Franklin TN

On May 24, 2012, I had a great day. The weather was beautiful. Lots of phone calls, a few errands, typical real estate stuff. It got really good when I met my clients far a walkthrough in the house they were about to purchase. They are moving to Franklin from a small town in TN. They are going to be closer to family. They have been looking for a year. They are so excited to be moving to our cute and active town. The met some neighbors recently when they were visiting the neighborhood – exploring. The people there walk their dogs together and socialize together frequently. The community has a pool and a small lake. I am excited for them. They will enjoy the many restaurants, events, country roads, and historical places that are here in Franklin, TN.

I was happy that closing went well and went to treat myself to an ice cream cone at McDonalds – a small celebration on a hot day. A family happily moving to Franklin. I gave them a few picnic items to have at their house to eat – wine and cheese on the floor of their new home tonight. And then in a month or so they will be bringing thier own picnic to have on the grounds at Arrington Vineyard.

Came home, finished up a few things and shared a wonderful dinner with my husband, the chef! He is a wonderful cook, grilled salmon and corn on the cob. School got out yesterday. Today my daughter is at the pool somewhere. Summer is here. Yes, yesterday was a good day.

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