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Blog Policy for FranklinTNBlog.com

These policies are valid as of January 1, 2015

Blog Policy:

This blog is written and edited by Monica Neubauer.  If other people blog on this site, they will be noted by name.  For questions about this blog, please contact us via the contact page.

  1. Opinions are the position of the author and only the author.
  2. Generally, Nobody pays us to review anything.
  3. If anybody does pay us to review anything or gives us a free meal or tickets in order to review anything, we are still only going to give you our honest opinions or we won’t review it at all.  Frankly, we don’t expect anyone to come up with enough money to make us forget our basic principles.  If they do come up with that much money, we will let you know before we retire.
  4. If we are paid anything to write a review or post, the resulting posts will be prominently disclosed in the post as such.

Comment Policy:

  1. We believe Web 2.0 to be a conversation and as such, we welcome comments.
  2. We believe that we should be civil when we write and we believe that people who comment should also be civil.
  3. Feel free to disagree, we are glad to hear different perspectives – but whatever you do, do it in a civil manner.
  4. Spam is not only an unusual luncheon meat, and a great skit by Monty Python, but an extreme annoyance in the web conversations.   All comments will be approved by the moderator before posting and spam will be deleted.
  5. Blatant self-promotion and advertising will also be deleted, though relevant commentary by businesses are welcome.
  6. Profanity and personal attacks will not be tolerated and may be deleted or edited at our discretion.  We will not modify the intent of a comment, but we may modify a comment that contains profanity.  Please make your point using other words.
  7. We do not infringe on the copyrights of others, nor do we steal the content of others – and we won’t allow others to do so here either.  Any such material can and will be removed at our sole discretion.  We may and often do link to materials on other’s web pages and we encourage you to visit them for more information on a topic.

Collection and Use of Personal Information:

  1. We will not sell or release your e-mail address to anyone (though we could be compelled to do so by a court of law – but we don’t see this site being a haven for those doing illegal activities.)
  2. If you give us your e-mail address, we may try to contact you and send you a copy of our e-newsletter.  It is easy to unsubscribe to if you don’t like it.  Basically though – if you like the blog, you will like the newsletter.
  3. All content is protected by US copyright laws.
  4. “Fair Use” allows for small portions of text to be used and quoted as long as there is a prominent link back directly to the original post URL.
  5. “Scraping” this site and/or RSS feed and/or republishing content without permission is not allowed.

Other items:

  1. Monica Neubauer, has the ability, at her sole discretion, to refuse, move, or remove any material that users submit.
  2. We disclaim any liability, and warranty for anything posted by a third party – user generated content



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