My Franklin Art Scene Experiences, Franklin TN

Hendley Fine Art in Franklin, TN

Kristy Hendley Spring Fine Art. She has beautiful, textured pieces.

As downtown Franklin, TN continues to grow in popularity as a place that people just like to go, the Art Scene on the first Friday night of the month is one of the most laid back, interesting and easy events to attend.  There is art from local artists at many of the businesses in downtown Franklin, and yet most of those businesses are not actually on Main Street.  It is a great time to get out and see other businesses in an “open house” style, friendly atmosphere.  2nd Avenue has been a favorite place for me to see friends and look at art.  There is a realty company, art gallery, antique store and a personal home that are open with art, wine and Hors D’ oeuvres.  And if you are drawn to candy, you can visit the Honey Sweets at the end of the street.

This is a great evening to see friends you know or make some new friends.  I have lived in Franklin for over 30 years, so I know a few folks in town.  The most fun part for my husband and me is to just walk around and see friends we know in town.  We never know who we will see, so it is just a fun, open time with the expectation for a good, casual social evening.

We have really been enjoying the art as well.  The diversity of art in our local community never ceases to amaze me.  The mediums people use and the textures, or lack of are always new to me.  As a budding creative mind, I don’t automatically see the things the way these fine artists do – the way they stack colors or weld metal.  The end result is pleasing in a way that I cannot see in my own skill set.  My husband, Mark, is a fine artist and the way he puts together colors and landscapes are so interesting to me.  All of this art around me has inspired me though – to take up a small canvas, and one color at a time, put something of beauty on it.  I think I will have to use red in it somewhere though – that is my favorite color.

The Art Scene is also along Main Street and has been expanding up Columbia Pike.  Check out the map at the link for the Art Scene below.  Some neat things I have noticed is that live music has also become more a part of the evening.  Some locations have musicians performing at their business.  It is very unlikely to see it all on one evening, so it can easily be a regular event and be changing each month.  I encourage you all to take an opportunity to enjoy this gem of an event.  Use it to see art, meet friends, and learn new things about our terrific businesses in various locations in downtown Franklin.   This may also help you shop locally because it is a good time for exploring new places.

For more information about schedules and opportunities, check out their web page,

Robert Cortner, metal artist, Franklin, TN

Robert Cortner, metal artist. He has some really individualized metal pieces of all sizes.

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Brentwood Pointe Community in Franklin and Brentwood TN

Brentwood Pointe Condominiums in Franklin and Brentwood TN have newer and older units to provide lots of options to buyers

Brentwood Pointe Condominiums in Franklin and Brentwood TN have newer and older units to provide lots of options to buyers

Brentwood Pointe is the original “Cool Springs Condo Community”.   Haury and Smith started building units there beginning in about  1982 and are in the process of finishing up the last view units at “The View” right now.


This community is very conveniently located on General George Patton Dr. in Franklin and Brentwood.  As well as being in 2 different towns, they are also in different school zones.  If town or school zones are important to you, make sure the unit you are interested in is where you want to be.  It is very easy access to everything in Cool Springs.  It is still a “car necessary” community.  There are some businesses nearby, but not restaurants and shops that make for a walking / shopping lifestyle.  There is also a 55 + community with an assisted living center as part of the community.  These are all one level living.  The Assisted Living information can be found at:


The community has had an evolution of housing.  The community began with condominium units that were a blend of two level townhouse living and one level housing that both had outdoor parking in the front of the unit. These sections have 2 and 3 bedrooms units.  As the building continued in the next phase they added many more one level units with 2 car carports in the back of the units.  These units have a private patio and carport behind them with a kitchen entry point and alley parking.  These units mostly have 3 bedrooms and some have an upstairs bonus room.  The pricing for these older units depends largely on two factors – is it a one or two level, with the one levels being more sought after in this community, and the condition of the unit.  If the units have been updated and well cared for, they will be worth more to buyers than units that have had no upgrades done since they were built in the 1980s and 1990s.  The later sections are built a little differently.  They are built up on the hillside and are called “The View”.  They have a wonderful view of the Cool Springs area.  These units are usually 2 levels, but some of them have a master bedroom down, which is different from the 2 levels in the original communities.  There are 2 and 3 bedroom units and some of them have one car garages.  Most of them have decks in the back of the unit.


All the units have access to pools and tennis courts.  There are 4 pools and several tennis courts.


Not all of the communities are managed by the the same HOA management company.  There is a link specific for Section 2.


The link below is the company that manages The View.  They don’t have much helpful information on their website though – you will need to call or email them.  Sentry Management


The unit in the photo is currently for sale, listed by me, and offered at $229,900 as of June 2013.

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Condo Options Overview in Franklin TN

There are lots of condo options in Franklin TN

There are lots of condo options in Franklin TN

Condos continue to be a great way to live for people who want a turnkey kind of lifestyle.  Condos do not usually require much, if any, lawn care.  The exterior of the unit is cared for by the Homeowner’s Association.   Often, condos can be found in convenient areas near shopping, restaurants and amenities.  They are available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom sizes, usually.  That is the case in Franklin, though I have seen the occasional 4 bedroom or multi use room used as a bedroom.


There are some communities that have been here in Franklin for a while, Orlean’s Estate across from Franklin High, Indian Springs on Murfreesboro Road, Laurelwood  and Regency Square on Boyd Mill Pike near Jim Warren Park, and the Carriage Park condos off Lewisburg Pike.  I know Orlean’s Estate did some extensive exterior work on their units recently.  The Carriage Park units are arranged in such a way that most of them have very private back yards.  Southwinds near the Franklin Post Office has some units they converted from apartments or townhouses into condos.  River Rest is in the Grassland Community.  They have one and 2 level units.


There has been a lot of building recently of new condominium communities.  Hardison Hills is a large community on the west side of Franklin. It has one and 2 level units with 1-3 bedrooms.  Prescott Place is in the Fieldstone Farms community. They have one car garages.  There are the 3 level units with garages at Andover.  These are within walking distance to the south parts of Cool Springs.  Park Run in McKay’s Mill has a convenient location too.


The newer condos are in many varied price points.  As we move up a bit in price, we see some differences – among them are larger units, maybe 2 car garages, granite, terrific locations.  These communities would be Parkside at Aspen Grove – 2 bedroom units right in Cool Springs,  Forrest Crossing, Brentwood Pointe  – which has several different kinds of units and may have a post of its own.  General’s Retreat is a small community with units that have garages, and is fairly close to downtown Franklin. McKay’s Mill has some great units – so great that they don’t come on the market often.  Jamison Station has loft type units and some of them have elevators.  Check out an earlier post on them.  They weathered a bit of a downturn from the market, but are thriving now in their great location near the Factory.  Some of the units have elevators.  Berry Farms is the newest community.  Berry Farms is a mixed unit community south of Franklin near I-65 and they seem to be selling well in preconstruction.  Millgate townhomes have 2 car garages and master bedrooms down and are convenient to many areas.


Jamison Station would also be included as we move into next price range.  Some of the units are large and a few are mixed zoning which makes them great for people who want to run a business out of their home, but need a commercial zone.  Grant Park, right in Cool Springs has a terrific location by Whole Foods.   Gateway Village is near Moores Lane.  They have a growing retail community right there near the units.   Willow Springs has some nice townhomes also – and the community has a lake and lots of single family homes.  The Preserve at Forrest Crossing occasionally has a resident move out.  These units feel a lot like a single family home.  And the Ashton Park and Westhaven condos are townhouses – 2-3 floors with beautiful finishes and garages.  Ashton Park is in Cool Springs and the Westhaven condos have their own draw in the Westhaven community that offers so much for its residences.


There is one more segment of condos in Franklin – the 55+ communities.  These are age restricted communites.  Reid Hill Commons – brick units on the west side of Franklin with garages.  Windsor Park is in the Fieldstone Farms community of homes – right across from the Pulix.  Morningside is in Cool Springs.  One level units with an assisted living center in the same community.


What kind of condo do you prefer?

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Spring in Franklin TN – Main Street Festival

Welcome Spring Franklin TN

Well, it is April 17th. Several months have passed since the most interesting parts of winter, notably Christmas. It has been a long winter here as in most places in the country. Spring appears to have arrived, though we will see a sneak down in temps this weekend. The trees are blooming and the sweet green of the young leaves are appearing on the leaves. This really is a beautiful time of year. I see all my friends excited about the weather change and posting wonderful spring photos on Facebook. The real estate market has been busy through the winter though. We have lots of new neighbors in the area and not enough inventory. As a result of this, the new construction has been booming! I just helped a client close a fabulous new construction home yesterday.


I wanted to say a few things about the Main Street Festival that is coming up in 10 days. I may have even written about it before. It is a wonderful event in Spring when most of the town comes out to stroll around downtown, eat kettle corn, listen to some great live music and buy wonderful crafts from area artisans. I always see friends in town when I go. It reminds me that Franklin is still a small town. The dates this year are April 27 and 28, 2013. Please go to the Heritage Foundation site for more info about it. I expect they will post a schedule for the music shortly.

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Walking in Downtown Franklin in the Winter

Downtown Franklin TN

Walking at night in Downtown Franklin TN


Everytime I go Downtown Franklin in the evening, I just feel happy. I don’t care if I am eating, drinking, walking, going to the movie – whatever. Even just driving through makes me smile. I love the feel of the lights on the poles and the warm lights coming from the businesses. It is usually quiet or fairly so, compared to the daytime. It seems to capture that feel we all long for of a simpler time when life wasn’t so complicated. Somehow I find it easier to relax there at the restaurants than if I am at a bigger place in Cool Springs.


We went to eat at McCreary’s this week.  I always enjoy being there – having a beer or some food.  Sometimes they have some music.  The place is small and intimate.  I love the quote around the ceiling – a Celtic Blessing.  It is actually a part of a quote from the “Breastplate of St. Patrick”.  I posted this on Facebook and a dear Irish friend sent me the whole thing.  Here is the part on the wall at McCreary’s:


Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me, 
Christ on my right, Christ on my left, 
Christ in breadth, Christ in length, Christ in height.
I feel this way though at other restaurants.  Whenever my brother comes into town, we eat at the Mellow Mushroom, because they too love going to Downtown Franklin when they are here – to think of home and enjoy the atmosphere that is Franklin.  Or the festivals – I go just to hang out downtown. Or to enjoy the shops and the vendors.  And I always see friends.  I like that too.
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Christmas Cheer on the Corner

This corner has looked mostly the same as long as I can remember. The Noel sign shines bright every year! Starbucks is there now, but it was a drugstore when I was growing up here. I call it a comfortable Tennessee Christmas. And yes, Amy Grant’s Tennessee Christmas is my favorite Christmas song. Merry Christmas all!!


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Dickens of a Christmas – Franklin TN

Christmas Downtown FranklinDowntown Franklin TN has a number of wonderful events during the year.  One of them happens in December.  It is called Dickens of a Christmas.  It happens on Main Street.  There are many wonderful folks dressed up like characters from Dickens famous Christmas Story about Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Come and see Marley and Tiny Tim walking the streets of Franklin.  There are carriage rides and some wonderful winter vendors.  There aren’t a lot of vendors for this festival.  And it was interesting for us one year.  We spent most of the weekend downtown.  We went on Saturday and had fun.  We realized all the cars that park on Main Street normally were gone, so we could get some wonderful photos of downtown Franklin without the cars.  So, Sunday morning, we went downtown and had a wonderful time collecting photos of our lovely town.  And while we were there, it began to snow, really snow.  It was FABULOUS!  The people who came downtown for the festival mostly ended up enjoying the snow from inside the many wonderful dining establishments, and watched the rest of us walk in the snow and enjoy the treat from heaven.  It was a delightful Dickens of a Christmas!


The dates for the Dickens of a Christmas are December 8th and 9th, 2012.  Click here for more information.

A snowy Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin TN

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Real Estate Statistics for Williamson County and Franklin TN October 2012

Franklin TN has a great downtown area that continues to draw people looking for great places to live.

Wow! The volume of residential home sales in Williamson County went up 41% over October of 2011. Pricing is up too. The number of condo sales in October 2012 is double what it was in 2011. There is still a fair bit of inventory generally on the market, but there are some definate areas where buyers want to buy and there are no houses available in that price and description, even though those types of houses do exist. Some neighborhoods have almost no houses on the market!

If you are looking for one of those, we may be able to do some research to find the needle in the haystack. Call me and we discuss the ways we look for those!

Click on the link below to see the details by town and what is happening in some of the surrounding counties.

Details of Real Estate Statistics for Williamson County October 2012

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New Microbrewery in Franklin TN

Microbrewery in Franklin TNYesterday, my friend asks my husband to meet him at a place called Turtle Anarchy. What? Where is that? They called me to join them about 8:30 and my husband was having a great time and going on about how close to our house this new Microbrewery is. The area he is talking about is an industrial park! I was more than a little surprised to find a Microbrewery and restaurant (a wrong inital assumption on my part) in that part of town. But the reality is that it is in walking distance to two very large neighborhoods, Polk Place and Sullivan Farms. As I am walking in, I hold the door open for a gal bringing in her own food. Strange. Not what I expected. Coming in to the bar, I instantly enjoyed the open warehouse feel and space. It is not a restaurant. It is the brewery with a taproom open on the weekends and tables for folks to enjoy the brews. And they don’t serve food. It is a “Bring your own Food” bar. They don’t want to compete with the many local restaurants that serve their beer. The setup is similar to the Yazoo Brewery in the Gulch in Nashville. The hours at this time for the Turtle Anarchy Taproom are Thurs and Friday from 5-10 pm and Saturday from 4-10 pm.

There are lots of great restaurants in the area to grab some food and head over for some great beer. My husband, being the beer expert, commended their beers as excellent. I did enjoy the one I had with the citrus flavoring in it. I am generally a beer wimp and did put in my request for a pilsner or pale(r) ale. They don’t have those at this time, but here’s hoping. 🙂 They have many beers to choose from so if you have a broad taste, you should get the sampler and enjoy some wonderful beers.

As I said, the atmosphere is open. All the folks there when I was there seemed to be really enjoying the large picnic table seating – great for conversation. It is a comfortable place to be. I am excited for this new Brewery in town and hope you can check it out if you like quality beers. is their website, and most of the updated news is on the blog portion.  There you can see the restaurants that are serving their beer – in case you want it at other times during the week, or with food.  Or if you don’t live down the street from the Taproom.

Microbrewery in Franklin TN

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Electric Car Charging Stations in Franklin TN

Charge while you shop!

I don’t own an electric car.  Disclaimer.  However, I am attentive and with all our automobile influences in our area, I watch out for car advances and influences.  And I think they are pretty cool actually – electric cars.  I knew there were a few chargers around.  But one struck me recently as it is new and not necessarily where you would expect to find one.  Of course they are at Whole Foods and the Nissan Dealership.  But at Kohl’s?  I think it is a good decision.  They have added 4 electric car chargers to the primo parking near the front of the store.  I thought to myself, wow – 4, may be a bit long-sited.  But really, how many times have we wished people in the road industry would have been a bit more long sited, while they were at it.  So, 4 charging stations.  When I pulled up next to them, I though they were interesting, but were there really enough cars using electricity to warrant this investment?  This article from Franklin Life from February 2012 says there are 26 electric cars registered in Williamson County.  Maybe not a great investment right now, but I do have to tell you the rest of my story.  I came out of Kohl’s after shopping for about 30 minutes and there was a car using the charging machines.  I sure didn’t have to wait very long to see the usage.

So I thought about this and maybe the decision was a good one.  Kohl’s sells a wide variety of items, it is a department store.  Someone with an electric car may now decide Kohl’s over the mall or over the freestanding home goods stores.  It may create a new loyalty.  I think the fact that it has a varied selection of items does make it a good option for the car chargers.  And maybe while the topic is hot, there was funding from our tax dollars to help them. The article from Franklin Life also discusses the Federal funding.  Who knows, but by the time the cars are mainstream, it looks like there will be plenty of places to charge them.

Other locations for electric car charging in Franklin are the parking garages in downtown Franklin, the Embassy Suites, Cracker Barrel – they want to get those hungry clients every 100 miles on their trip, and of course Whole Foods.  Here is a link to help find charging stations.

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